What Are People Saying About Camp Norland?

We at Lansing Avenue Baptist Chapel are very thankful for Camp Norland. It is a great place to have a retreat. [We] were greatly blessed by our time there, growing as spiritual leaders in a good atmosphere… We look forward to coming back year after year!

– Pastor at Lansing 2022

Camp Norland, thanks for the work you do throughout the year to allow our ministry at camp to happen. To all of you, we are grateful!

– Matt Gray, Coldwater Canada Director 2022 (Norland is the base camp for Coldwater from May to October)

Comments from 2021 Coldwater Trip Participants:

  • I really love the bonding that happens on these trips, the fun memories, being out in nature and sensing God’s presence all around me.
  • I always used to say I couldn’t do hard things because I was weak. But now I know that I’m not weak… now, when something is hard, I can say that I’m strong and that I can do it!… I’m going to be more accepting of who I am… I already knew I was different, but because of this trip, I now know that this different is good!
  • That was the biggest lesson for me: trusting people with my flaws. I’m at a really different place with being open about that than I was going into this trip.
  • This trip was really good for me and it got me back on the right path. It led me to make some really important decisions about my faith…

A beautiful & tranquil location that allows people to reconnect to nature.

– Visitor 2020

It’s been a couple summers since I went here last but I will cherish my memories of it forever. I made so many great friends with my cabin mates and the cabin leaders. Thank you for all the great summers. It was very fun the way they incorporate the bible and bible teachings into fun activities.

– Camper 2019

Coldwater Canada has started to make Camp Norland their summer home and has made many improvements, beautiful location and great choice of features on the camp property.

– 2018

I have volunteered as chaplain at Camp Norland one week a year for the last three years. I believe that any camp is a great experience for young people–both campers and leaders, and Camp Norland is a very special place. I have felt God’s presence there in my life; I have also seen His hand in the lives of many young people. As I led chapel, I was so impressed by the kids’ willingness to listen, learn and respond. It has been a life-changing experience for me. I believe our churches and our leaders at CBOQ should be supportive of all the camps in our care; young people are more open to the spirit of God at camps.

– Chapel Teacher 2010 – 2013

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