There are many ways you can give to Camp Norland – we appreciate your generous heart!

OnlineMail & Pre-Authorized GiftsE-TransfersSecurities or Mutual FundsEstate PlanningLife Insurance PoliciesUsed Vehicles
Camp Norland uses Canada Helps for its online donation processing.
This makes it easy to give through credit card or PayPal.
And easy to set up monthly gifts if you choose!
Follow this link to give online through Canada Helps:
We are happy to recieve your gifts through cheques in the mail:
Camp Norland
183 Norland Rd
Verner, ON
P0H 2M0
Also consider giving through pre-authorized monthly gifts.
Email [email protected] for more information.
The Camp Norland email used for E-Transfers is [email protected]
Please also send an email to [email protected] to let us know the password we need to confirm the transaction.
If you have non-registered personal money, and the value has increased over the years, consider donating some of your profits to Camp Norland.
Instead of cashing out and making a donation, consider gifting the securities directly to a self-administered plan owned by Camp Norland, which would then cash out the securities.
In turn, you would avoid taxes on the growth of those gifted securities.
Contact our treasurer, John Neely, at [email protected] for more information.
Have you considered leaving a portion of your estate to Camp Norland?
Camp Norland exists today because God laid it on someone’s heart to leave a generous estate gift to First Baptist Church in New Liskeard, who in turn donated a generous amount to Camp Norland.
Such gifts seem to happen just in time when items such as stoves, roofs, heating equipment, etc. need replacing.
If you feel you do not have a large enough estate to leave anything to Camp Norland, you could purchase a very reasonable life insurance policy that would increase your estate upon death, provide a donation to Camp Norland, and save a multitude of taxes for your beneficiaries.
Contact our treasurer, John Neely, at [email protected] for more information.
If you are coming to a time in your life when you are thinking about reducing or cancelling your life insurance policy, you could have your policy valuated and gifted to Camp Norland.
Camp Norland would issue you a tax receipt for the valuation and you can include this on your next tax return and possibly get a very nice tax refund!
Contact our treasurer, John Neely, at [email protected] for more information.
Giving can happen in many ways!
If you have a car to trade or sell, here’s an idea that would help Camp Norland – AND YOU!
For example: Your car dealer is only offering you $2500 for your used vehicle, but you’ve seen a similar vehicle listed on Kijiji for $5500.
Instead of giving your car to the dealer and taking $2500, you donate it to Camp Norland.
Camp Norland then gives you a tax receipt for $5500.
When you file your next tax return you receive back approximately $2500 in tax (assuming you have taxable income).
You get your cash and Camp Norland gets an asset we can sell and realize a major donation!
Contact our treasurer, John Neely, at [email protected] for more information.