History – More Than 60 Years on Deer Lake!

Norland has a rich history of purpose and people who came to serve and enjoy the camp on the shores of Deer Lake in Kipling, Ontario.
From the original vision of the Northern Association of Baptist Churches, to the donated land from the Ackerlands, to the long partnership with Kipling Baptist Church and the surrounding communities, to the addition of a retreat and conference centre, to offering services as a base camp for Coldwater Canada – Norland has been a special place for many people through the decades, who hold the memories dear and near to their hearts.

Retreat and Conference Centre Build Click here to browse photos on our Gallery Page.

A Brief History of Camp Norland and the People of the Northern Association of Baptist Churches

Highlights from the first 30 years of Camp Norland – from it’s beginnings as a gift of land from Len and Hilder Ackerland in 1962 to its incorporation in 1992.